Infant Jesus devotion can be actually viewed from the time when Jesus was born in the crib at Bethlehem where angels, shepherds and the magi(3kings) adored Jesus. But as a popular devotion its earliest history can be traced back to the year 1628 when a small, 48 centimeters in height, exquisite statue of wax Infant Jesus was brought into Bohemia by Princess Polyxena von Lobkowicz, who became greatly attached to the Discalced Carmelites. The princess had been given the statue as a wedding gift by her mother, Maria Manriquez de Lara of Spain, and the statue was given to the Carmelites in Prague. Upon presenting it, the pious princess is said to have uttered a prophetic statement to the religious: "Venerable Fathers, I bring you my dearest possession. Honour this image and you shall never want". The statue was placed in the oratory of the monastery of Our Lady of Victory, Prague(Czek Republic), where special devotions to Jesus were offered before it twice a day. The Carmelite novices voluntarily became poor and professed their poverty fervently during devotions in the presence of the Divine Infant.

Upon hearing of the Carmelites' devotions and needs, the Emperor Ferdinand II of the House of Habsburg sent along 2,000 Florins and a monthly stipend for their support.

In 1630, the Carmelite novitiate was transferred to Munich. With the transfer of novices, Prague lost its most ardent devotees of the Infant. Disturbances in Bohemia due to the Thirty Years War brought an end to the special devotions, and on November 15, 1631, the army of King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden took possession of the churches of Bohemia's capital city. The Carmelite friary was plundered by the Lutheran Swedes, and the image of the Infant of Prague was thrown into a pile of rubbish behind the altar. Here it lay forgotten, its hands broken off, for seven years, until it was found again in 1637 by Father Cyrillus and placed in the church's oratory. One day, while praying before the statue, Father Cyrillus claimed to have heard a voice say, "Have pity on me, and I will have pity on you. Give me my hands, and I will give you peace. The more you honor me, the more I will bless you." Since then, the statue has remained in Prague and has drawn many devotees worldwide to go and honor the Holy Child. Claims of blessings, favors and miraculous healings have been made by many who petitioned before the Infant Jesus. Statuettes of the Infant Jesus are placed inside many Catholic churches, sometimes with the quotation, "The more you honor me, the more I will bless you."

Today, thousands of pilgrims pay homage to the Infant of Prague each year. The tradition of the Infant Jesus procession and the coronation continues to this day. This ceremony is the closing highlight of the annual Feast of the Infant Jesus in Prague.




Devotion in Alangar was started in the year 2010. For the last several years the divine mercy group of Alangar was praying ardently with fasting and penance and with everyday adorations and intercessions. A lot of devotees were sending their intentions for prayer. The same prayer group also had an ardent devotion to the Infant Jesus. Meanwhile a devotee called Mr Michael Sequeira (Mumbai) donated a shrine grotto and a Infant Jesus statue. When the parish priest Fr Vincent Dsouza was bringing the statue from Mangalore he experienced certain healing and subsequently many healings were reported. In 2010 January first time the Infant Jesus feast was celebrated in Alangar publicly. Again this year the feast is celebrated with 9 days novena and grand public celebration on 16th Jan 2011.

Every Friday, there is adoration and novena followed by mass at 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.



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